Besti X not detecting device(s)


New to, and playing around with it.

Issue: Besti X isn’t detecting any connected devices.

I used the list of confirmed compatible devices and found 2 to test with. They register in Intiface as JoyHub TrueForm 3 and Svakom Sam Neo.

They connect fine to Intiface, and they can be buzzed up and down. The Intiface Central Test App in the quick start guide also connects and functioned, so i believe that they are connected correctly via bluetooth.

I do get an error in the log for the Svakom I think that says:

characteristic txmode (0000ae10-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb) not found

but again, they seem to function from the Intiface interface, so im assuming this error is ‘harmless’

It could be related to what this user was asking, not sure:

Any idea of known issues or things I can try? I’ve:

  • reinstalled intiface
  • reinstalled besti
  • turned off my firewall


Does Besti even connect to Intiface in the first place? Do you see anything come up in the control portion of Intiface Central when Besti runs?

That’s neat. I didn’t know that the Intiface log tracked when programs connect to it (even if that sounds extremely obvious in hindsight).

Besti is in fact NOT connecting to Intiface. I tried 3 other programs that did leave a record in the log and work correctly.

  • If it’s an issue with Besti, I couldn’t find any forumns or support pages for it.
  • If it’s an issue with my computer not allowing them to talk to each other - I dont know what to try to make them connect.

In terms of configuring Besti (the free version), I went to the robotics menu as instructed by the changelog (Patch notes 9.104 – Besti). I see the Besti setting for connecting, but it doesnt find anything. I’ve tried this with the Intiface engine running and connected to the devices, and i’ve tried activating the engine and connecting devices after starting the Besti search.

I know you aren’t the developer of Besti, but I’m just trying to give as much info as I can think of. I attached a screenshot of the Besti X 9.118 options menu.