Blutooth dongle needed?

Im new here and was wondering if i NEED to get the lovense blutooth dongle in order for all this to work in the first place. Or if the usb for the game controller will work?
Im not the most tech savy so

Hello fellow newbie! :slight_smile:
Short answer: No, probably.
Long answer: I’m assuming you’re getting the Lovense dongle because you have a Lovense toy. I have one myself as well as the dongle sold by them and it’s only necessary if you want to connect to a game or software officially supported by Lovense themselves on their website (e.g. Breeders of Nephelym, Projekt Melody, their app, etc).
Buttplug and Intiface are separate from that and won’t actually work with their bluetooth dongle as I understand it. On my computer, I can connect to Buttplug/Intiface with the built in bluetooth on my computer as long as I turn it on and I’m assuming as long as your computer has bluetooth 4 and the drivers are right, you should probably be fine. With that said, the FAQs for Intiface/Buttplug (see here under Hardware: Intiface Central | Buttplug and Intiface FAQ ) do recommend getting a generic bluetooth 4 dongle for better connectivity and just in case your computer’s bluetooth radio doesn’t work. I’m not sure about the usb dongle for your controller you mentioned, but it probably won’t work since a lot of those are tailored specifically to the controller you’re using, but I could be wrong there.
TL;DR No you don’t need Lovense’s dongle if you plan to only use your device using Buttplug/Intiface, but may need a generic bluetooth 4 dongle like the one recommended in the Intiface/Buttplug FAQs (highly recommend reading through that FYI too BTW :wink: ) if your computer’s bluetooth radio for some reason cannot connect to your device. With that said though, IMO the Lovense dongle is a nice thing to have since not all games or whatever application you are planning to use it for are specially designed to take advantage of Buttplug/Intiface and the officially supported stuff from Lovense is a bit more tailor-made to get the most out of their products, but that’s my two cents.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Buttplug/Intiface DO work with the lovense dongle but it’s not recommended, as it just doesn’t work great.

For the full rundown on how to connect to lovense stuff with Buttplug, check our FAQ page on the subject:

Awesome thanks, that helps answer alot

Awesome thanks, that helps answer alot of the questions i had. I will definitely look further into this

@Qazy1160 No problem! :wink:
@qdot Thanks for the correction! Didn’t know the Lovense dongle sort of worked. I didn’t bother trying it out since I didn’t need to with my computer’s on-board bluetooth. Guess I have an extra way to connect with Buttplug now if my computer’s on-board radio dies or something! :stuck_out_tongue: