Device rotate / vibration settings reversed + App suggestion

Hello, I recently tried to pair the JoyHub Pearlconch. It connects to Intiface easily enough. I was actually surprised it can take advantage of the rotate function and not just vibrate. Unfortunately the two functions are reversed; the “Rotate” vibrates and the “Vibration” rotates - which isn’t ideal for general use cases. I downloaded their phone app and they function as normal, so it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue.

I tried to find a setting and any documentation on some way I could remedy this, but couldn’t find anything (I did search the forum but nothing came up). If this is a device specific thing perhaps it could be fixed, but even better I think, would be to allow a user to switch the functions around as they see fit for any device (as it’d also allow customization for media that only has one sort of function assigned). And perhaps a “Link” setting, so when one function (such as vibration) is triggered through media it will also trigger the other device functions (such as rotation).

Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

This came up on Discord this week too: Discord

Tl;Dr: you can modify your device config now, but a fix to the configs has been pushed for review.