Error when trying to connect to Folove Metal Buttplug

I am attempting to connect to the Folove Metal Buttplug with Intiface. It is listed as being supported for However, whenever I click “Start Scanning” while the device is on, after a few seconds the following error shows up:

Device errored while trying to connect: Device type specific error: Btleplug error: NotConnected.

This only shows up if the device is on, indicating that it is somehow failing to connect to the device but recognizes that it there. The device works with Folove’s app, so it likely isn’t defective. I haven’t been able to find any mention of this problem anywhere else.

This error pops up a lot with Intel motherboard BT5 chipsets. We don’t know what causes it, but then BT5 drivers are still kinda flakey.

If you’re using built-in Bluetooth, this is likely the issue and the only suggestion we have right now is to swap out for a USB dongle (we recommend the TP-Link UB400 which uses the CSR4 chipset that works most consistently).

I do not have an Intel motherboard. Here is my motherboard information:


According to the specs, that series of Asus motherboard use the combined WiFi and Bluetooth Intel AX200 module.

I went ahead and purchased a TP-Link UB400, however I am still getting errors whenever I start scanning and it tries to connect to a device.

In the Device Manager > Generic Bluetooth Radio > Properties, it says the following error:

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

First off, there’s no Folove device in that log snippet. Can you post a link to the device you’re trying to connect to?

As for the Bluetooth adapter error, if you disabled the onboard Bluetooth whilst the USB one was plugged in, you’ll need unplug the USB dongle and plug it in before it’ll be initialised properly.