Feature Req: Per-device maximum/minimum power

It would be nice to be able to set a max power value on a specific device, so it is transparently scaling things without needing special settings in the connected app.

This would be especially useful for multiple devices where one may be stronger than another, or there is a desire to tailor the strength of each device separately.

I imagine this would look like a basic slider in the settings of each device, with a minimum and maximum ball allowing each to be set independently.

(Setting a minimum above 0 would mean it is constantly on at the minimum setting until given a stronger signal command, or scaled up from the new floor. Less useful imo than a max strength cap, but could be useful and probably not much extra to add.)

The logic for this is already in the works: 0 will be off, and the min value will be the first step.

The problem I believe, is that communication of the change is step count to the clients is a bit hairy.