Fuse1.1 Support in Initface Central

Tl;dr- Getting the Fuse1.1 into the buttplug-device-config would be awesome (for me)!
(Especially if its going to be updated for the PowerBlow R2 anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hello amazing people!

I posted in Discord’s #:desktop_computer:questions-and-support channel about my Fuse not connecting to Initface Central when the iostindex listed the Fuse as supported.

This was when the amazing blackspherefollower introduced me to the “com.nonpolynomial\intiface_central\config” directory. This led me to read up on buttplug/buttplug-device-config/buttplug-device-config.yml through GitHub in my desperate hope to vaguely understand what magic I was interfering with.

After many learning moments, I found that if I used the kiiroo-v21 protocol configuration for the “Pearl2.1” identifier and renamed it to it my “Fuse1.1” identifier, it worked!
(Actually, the Fuse1.1 stalls until the vibration setting exceeds ~23… But it’s fine after clearing this starting torque requirement! I don’t think super low speed operation is intended anyway.)(The other Fuse identifiers list two vibration settings? Weird. I’m happy with my one. Also ignoring the touch sensors. Not sure what they’d be for.)

(unimportant tangent) I then spent many hours with a stolen nRF52480, nRF Connect, and Wireshark with the nRF BTLE sniffer. I also stole a PowerBlow R2 to compare against. Turns out I don’t know anything about Bluetooth; I am not an engineer. I had lots of fun though!

Anyway, I only know how to edit the config file on Windows and can’t do it on my phone’s OS. Updating the real one would be a great help! If there’s any information I can provide to help I’m here (on Discord :P)!

P.S.: Turns out this has been a thing for a while? Discord Am I weird for getting a fuse from Kiiroo?

P.P.S.: The FeelConnect 3.0 app lets you “pair” your Keon to your PowerBlow R2… But it looks like that just let’s you use them in tandem in manual mode… ? It also retains a suction max setting? O-o (As a Keon dildo adapter user, this PowerBlow R2 isn’t really relevant to me… but it has lots of interesting Bluetooth services!)