Game Haptics Router Compatibility Thread

Tried a game on the GHR that works, or having problems with one that seems like it should? Post a comment here!

There is also the GHR Game Compatibility Spreadsheet but I’m really horrible at updating that. I’ll try to make sure that stays sync’d with comments here, but use this thread as your first line of information about what works or doesn’t with the GHR.

Hi! New here! :slight_smile: Just created an account because I wanted to leave a comment with some games I’ve tested from GOG that work with the GHR.

Darksiders III (I got deluxe edition, but I’m guessing the standard version on GOG should work too) also works like Darksiders II. Vibration occurs on successful attack hit, on being hit, and on low health.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary also works and vibrates when shooting and upon being hit, taking fall damage, and dying.

Both games seem to only work when controller is used and not keyboard unfortunately, but when they do work they work pretty well. GHR works especially nicely with these games if you also install certain mods to change the apparel of the respective games’ protagonists if you know what I mean! :wink:

So, after last post, I decided to buy some more games since GOG’s summer sale was just too tempting and thought “hey, might as well test more games from my haul and see if they work with GHR and post my discoveries here for everyone’s information!” :stuck_out_tongue:

In addition to Tomb Raider: Anniversary, the rest of the the Tomb Raider games from the Avalon trilogy (i.e. Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Underworld) also work well with GHR as long as you use a controller and turn on the option for controller rumble in the options menu of the games. Just like Anniversary, both Legend and Underworld will cause vibration upon shooting, falling, taking damage, dying, and during certain environmental situations like being near a waterfall. I did discover some kind of interesting quirks about the other two games in the series regarding their rumble behavior which will affect how they play with GHR:

  • In Legend rapidly changing to the opposite direction while running will cause a small rumble/vibration to occur.
  • In Underworld, landing after a jump will have a small rumble/vibration and it has a lot of really well developed vibrations during cinematics and environmental interactions. I would personally say that Underworld is probably the best to use the GHR with of the games in the series.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition also works with GHR when a controller is used, but is not particularly spectacular since the rumble only occurs when being damaged, during certain cutscenes and as an environmental effect.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars (I got Ultimate edition, but I presume the standard and deluxe editions will probably work this way too) also works if using a controller but is a little counterintuitive initially to set up. The GHR recognizes two processes when the game is running; one of which is labelled with “Asterigos” in the name and the other labelled something like “Genesis Win64-Shipping” in the name. For some reason attaching the GHR to the “Asterigos” process doesn’t work but attaching it to the “Genesis” process causes the vibrations to work. The rumble/vibration features are fine, but not particularly spectacular since they only happen as an environmental effect when fighting large bosses, when performing skills, during certain cutscenes, and when charging the staff’s free-aim firing technique.

Anyway, hope this info helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the updates! Please, keep them coming. Will point more people to this thread. :3

Please keep them coming you say? Well here’s a couple more games I’ve tested.

Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition (I have the Steam version of that game, but I’m guessing GOG version may work too) also works with GHR but seems to vibrate only for shooting and not much else as long as you hook it in and use a controller. Not a very exciting game to attach the GHR too honestly.

One game that I’m surprised no one has tested yet with the GHR (or at least it doesn’t seem like anyone has tested it yet since it’s not listed in the spreadsheet, this forum, nor the game recommendation thread on GitHub) is Bayonetta on Steam. I’m happy to report that it works perfectly with GHR when using a controller and is REALLY REALLY GOOD and vibrates a lot during cinematics, during certain environmental background effects, when Bayonetta shoots, and when she takes damage. It’s pretty much the perfect game for GHR and the fact the protagonist of that game is who she is also helps the experience a lot if you know what I mean. :wink:

A couple useful little apps I found:

iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition by Kink Master Studios (it’s also on steam but I’m running out of links)

Would love some more options in these, like setting keypresses to vibrate gamepad or rebinding the vibrate buttons, but I’ll keep looking.

Also the porn game FEMTALITY (Patreon/aerisetta) has some very simple rumble and works with GHR,