GHR Unable to Hook Xinput

IC and GHR are installed on my G drive and the rest of my Steam library. I had it on C/boot, and it made no difference (and my C drive is too small for most games). I use the Lovesnese Hush 2 with a PS4 controller and DS4Windows and HIDHide to prevent double input; Steam/Windows considers it a generic Xinput/XBox device. All are connected via Bluetooth, and other services that do not use GHR are working.
IC is on and running and detects both of the devices, as well as GHR.

Testing using Warframe and FO4. These are the only games I have that I know when they vibrate and are confirmed to work without outside modification. GHR can see them both and attach them with no issue. The controller will rumble on cue, but GHR does not show anything in the visualizer, and the Hush does not react.

Hooking GHR to IC, however, does work. Any input sent to the controller will cause the Hush to reflect it and the GHR visualizer. The baseline vibration works as intended.

Running as admin for GHR/IC makes no difference. Windows Defender is neutered by AVG, which I have added GHR to the exclusions and turned AVG off for now. No changes.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

The log repeats for the entire scroll bar, with everything below this point about Xinput 9_1_0 and everything above Xinput 1_3. These occur for both the games mentioned and IC.

My specs are as follows, as I couldn’t add them to the main post.

After reading about hooking the GHR to Steam for Armored Core 6, I decided it was worth a try. GHR gave me this error. This did not work, but was worth a shot

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