How to connect DIY device?

Hi guys, I am making a DIY device , with esp32/motors, and the hardware almost done . But how can I connect it with ?

I have try the intiface , but the device can not be found …

Need your help,Thanks !

There’s some preliminary documentation on how to do this at Adding Devices Overview |

That said, it’s definitely not easy at the moment. There’s a lot of UI missing in Intiface Central for setting up new/unique devices.

Thanks you

I see the WSDM, it’s cool ! And where can I find the config file on Mac ?

It seems not in the appdata path

On macOS that’s gonna be in ~/Library/Containers/com.nonpolynomial.intifacecentral/Data/Library/Application Support/com.nonpolynomial.intifacecentral/config/

Yes friend ! I find this json file, and try to follow this doc to add a device

I can connect to ws://, and send a handshake ,like this ?

  "identifier": "LVSDevice",
  "address": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "version": 0

but there are sth wrong …

how can i fix that ?

Lovense is wildcarded on “LVS-*”. So you need LVS-Device, not LVSDevice.

It gives the same debug info , I have added the section in the json file , does it need a new config file ?