Looking for Lovense Sex Machine UUID

I hope it’s ok to ask about it.
I want to build a Lovense Sex Machine replica, with an ESP32.
For now, my tests works well, using the Edge UUID.
I would like to use the Sex Machine UUID, so that it appears like a Sex Machine instead of an Edge on Android app.
#define SERVICE_UUID “50300001-0023-4bd4-bbd5-a6920e4c5653” //Edge

I can’t find the Sex Machine UUID anywhere …
I even tried to open Lovense_Remote.exe with an hexa editor :slight_smile:
Does someone has the information ?
Thanks a lot.

Lovense records every bluetooth address of every product they put out, so unless you can also replicate that address off another machine, it won’t work with Lovense Remote’s features.

If you do clone the ID and its seen to be used twice at the same time or from different geographic locations, they will ban the ID.

All that said, from our device configs in Buttplug:

        46300001-0023-4bd4-bbd5-a6920e4c5653: # Blast/Ridge
          tx: 46300002-0023-4bd4-bbd5-a6920e4c5653
          rx: 46300003-0023-4bd4-bbd5-a6920e4c5653

Thanks a lot, it’s perfect !
I use a software someone wrote, and I have to write the MAC adress of the ESP32 I use.
So badly I suspect the remote app won’t allow to work :frowning:
And cloning an adress needs to have an available free one …
I should have thought about it …
Maybe it can work using an app like the one cam girls use, since the communication is only between the local receiver and the toy.

Thanks a lot once again !

Edit : I see the Android app ask that the “volume control” must be on OFF position to allow remote control.
I suppose it’s just a message to be send by the ESP32, but I don’t know which yet. I just saw this.
Just in case you already know which message to send.

I see only “- StepRange: [0, 20] / ActuatorType: Oscillate / FeatureDescriptor: Fucking Machine Oscillation Speed” in the documentation.