Looking for Lush 2 Uuid

Please some body can helpme with Lush 2 uuid service.

thank you!

What are you trying to do?

nothing special, I’m just understanding how it works and I want to emulate lovense “lush 2” from nrf connect using the uuids. I have used most of the github list but it is impossible, it always shows as a “Lush”, can you help me with uuid of lush 2?

There’s no distinction at the UUID level: Buttplug does no distinction at all.
If anything it’s part of version in the response to DeviceType

How does Lovense detect if it is “lush” or “lush 2”?
What would be DevType’s response for lush 2?

I would like to try an esp32.

Can you help me with the uuid and response of lush2?

thank you

No. I can’t help you trick Lovense’s apps.

I would just question why you need it to think you have a Lush 2 if it’s seeing you as a Lush: they’re exactly the same protocol/capability wise.

I don’t need to do tricks with Lovense apps, I’m just trying to understand why the name lush or lush2 appears!
and i need to make some tests.

It is no secret to anyone that with some code and an esp32 anyone could create a pirate lovense device.

In another post the uuid of sex machine was given to another user without any problem.

anyway thanks for replying

I don’t know where you’re seeing the name: buttplug will only show Lush, so whatever is showing Lush 2 is doing more than buttplug is.

Other apps might be parsing the version field from the DeviceType message: an example can be found here: Lovense | buttplug.io

But I have no idea which version numbers correspond to which version of the Lush.