Lovense Solace is not working with Scriptplayer

I connected Lovense Solace to Scriptplayer with Initface. Scriptplayer says that it is connected, the funscript is fine, the heatmap is also fine, but the device does not move. Am I doing something wrong or is Lovesense Solace support still not working?

I can start Solace with a slider in Initface and stop it in Scriptplayer, but it won’t respond to anything else.

Same here. Just got my Solace today, it works in Intifice but not in scriptplayer, faptap, or vamlaunch/sync

MultiFunscript is working with Intiface, but you can’t sync the movement only can controll the speed by funscript. It is not the best but not bad.

If the Solace is not stoping you have to set default value to 0%