Lovense solace not working on android

Hello new to this but I got it working with faptap with intiface with a svakom neo. I connected the device to intiface and then I connected to faptap and it just worked.
Now I got the solace and it connects to intiface and I get see the battery but when I connect to faptap it says connected but does not do anything when playing a video.
Is there anything different I have to do for the solace? I just figured I have to do the same thing I did with another device since that works but solace is not working for me.
I’m on latest version android app.

Thank you for any help

FapTap does not support oscillating devices: they’ve yet to update to a version of the buttplug client that would allow them to support oscillating devices, but then they’d also need to work out how to safely support fucking machines too.