Make 'Repeater Mode' work both ways

I wanna be able to control a toy using voice from any place, in my home, car or from my watch with home assistant, the same way I control any other thing in my home.

To do that I added this component to home assistant: GitHub - DevelopmentalOctopus/ha-buttplug: Integration for Home Assistant
I set up ZeroTier One virtual network VPN so I can connect from the HA server to the mobile phone Intiface Central server. And it works.

But there are a couple problems, being connected to the ZeroTier One virtual network VPN gives me so much trouble with many apps for example I can not connect to the Andorid Auto, so I can’t use it from my car and worst I have to remember every time I enter or leave my car to disconect and connect again to the VPN, also it drains the battery much faster from my phone.

I thought the ‘Repeater Mode’ would address this letting me set up a docker intiface centrale image in the middle that proxies the connection, but in the way that the repeater mode works I end up with the same problem, that docker image in my server still need to connect to my phone, I need a way of making my phone connect to the docker intiface centale container server and not the other way arround.

Is it possible right now? I can’t seem to figure it out, when I enter repeater mode, I can’t scan or connect to devices.

Edit: I used GitHub - DevelopmentalOctopus/intiface-cli-docker: Docker container for intiface-cli docker image, updating it to INTIFACE_ENGINE_VERSION=1.4.8

I also created an issue in HA-Buttplug: Make it work like a server instead of like a client · Issue #4 · DevelopmentalOctopus/ha-buttplug · GitHub