Massager Metal Buttplug (Love spouse)

Is there a possibility to connect a qr-code connection toy using Love spouse with intiface? The search doesn’t work.

Tl;Dr: Nope.

MuSe (most recently rebranded as Love Spouse since the app keeps getting removed for malicious activity from the app stores) uses Bluetooth in the most brain-dead way possible: using peripheral mode BLE to broadcast advertisements with control commands encoded into them.

This makes the device controlling the devices visible to anyone in range for the duration of use (as opposed to what most devices do, which is advertise and stop doing so once a connection is made).

The broadcasting aspect is an issue in it’s own right: the protocol doesn’t actually know if a device is present or which it is (there’s a few variations on the protocol and you can only broadcast one at a time), so Buttplug will never be able to pick which protocol version automatically.

And the final roadblock is that advertisements aren’t supported on most desktop chipsets at all, making this impossible to implement consistently across all platforms.

The reason (I assume) Love Spouse is asked about is price. And so the follow up is:
What line of toys compatible with this platform is the least expensive?

The MuS/LoveSpouse stuff is prolific out of Ali and other drop shipping sites… it comes up a lot…

For actually supported devices, start here: IoST Index