MS Antivirus at it again

Hi, just logging that the update kindly provided to get GHR working again has been scupperred by Microsoft once more, just had a trojan alert that has stopped GHR dead in it’s tracks
the affected item was file: C:\Program Files (x86)\IntifaceGameHapticsRouter\SharpMonoInjector.dll

I restored it and GHR rebooted as normal, I’ll keep an eye on it…

Yup, just had a report of this in the discord too. Was hoping the new cert would fix it but nope (which honestly isn’t surprising). Just gonna yank process filtering, which should fix this at the cost of much crappier UI.

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Just tried it again after a couple of days and it loaded no problem, linked beautifully with Fallout 4 via steam and did it’s lovely rumbly thing. Looks like the antivirus learned it’s lesson when I hit the “not a trojan” button for once! Thank you yet again for an amazing thing that I’ll never fully understand but makes me very happy while gaming!