Pearlconch not found by Intiface Central

Hello. I recently bought a pearlconch plug and have been trying to get it connected with Intiface Central (2.6.0+26) and havent had any luck. Got an xbox controller to connect without issue, but for some reason my device doesnt. Ive made sure that any apps which could interact with it on my phone are closed and the device shows as paired in my windows bluetooth settings.
Cheers for any help!

I’m not really sure what exactly you’re trying to do here since you mention your PC and your phone but unpair the toy from your PC. Most of this hardware does not need pairing and doing so will make it not work with our software.

I probably could have made that a bit clearer - Im trying to have my pearlconch plug show up as a device on Intiface Central.
I use “start scanning” and only an xbox controller shows up

This is what’s probably breaking things: don’t pair BT4 devices unless they explicitly need it (JoyHub devices do not).

Xbox controllers use a completely different mechanism for connecting, so ignore that.