Satisfyer Bullseye connection problem Solved

Like the title says i can’t connect the Satisfeyer Bullseye. Did i realy mess up because i did not double check the list of compatible devices? I did read the faq, i have the tp-link ub 400 stick, i did a reset on the satisfyer to make sure it is not paired anymore, but still windows 11 can not find it for pairing. I also checked if it uses the correct driver files, only thing the stick identifies as generic bluetooth and not something like csr bluetooth. With a lovesense toy everything works. So do i need another driver or is the satisfyer bullyseye realy different than the other satisfyer cock rings?

Edit: I found my problem, i had to switch the “Bluetooth devices discovery” from default to advanced, to show all devices and not only the common devices. Now the Satisfeyer Bullseye works with Intiface Central.