Serial issues on Linux

I’ve been testing out Intiface on my Fedora machine but can’t seem to get Serial/TCode devices working. I went ahead and manually edited the buttplug-device-config.json file and specified the baud rate and serial port (I tried both USB0 and COM0), but that didn’t help. This is what the logs look like when I start the server and scan for new devices:

I also tried running as sudo (I know I know, not a great idea) just to see if the reason it was getting those zeroed out returns was a permission error, but it wasn’t.

Does this seem like a bug within Intiface or an error on my end? Let me know if you’d like me to test anything and I’d be happy to do so

Changing the port used by TCode in buttplug-device-config.json to “/dev/ttyUSB0” got it working, seems like it was just an error on my side after all :slight_smile:

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