Steam Deck fails to link to Svakom Iker

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I’m on a Steam Deck, and using Intiface Central v. 2.3.0. From what I can tell, with my limited knowledge of how Linux works, is that the server exists and is attempting to connect, but something’s failing, as I can see the Deck repeatedly connecting and disconnecting from the Iker in Bluetooth settings. One thing that I do notice here is that there are some unrecognized characters in the name that aren’t previously seen while connecting, but show up in the brief half-second that it connects.

The Iker is a bit of an odd one in that it doesn’t advertise it’s name properly: Svakom Iker cannot be found with CSR4 adapters · Issue #431 · buttplugio/buttplug · GitHub (the matcher logic was enhanced recently to address this, but was only tested on Windows).

Can you increase the logging level in intiface to debug and post the logs here (I’d expect to to mention connecting to the Iker but not being able to establish that it is an Iker)

Like so?
I also restarted the server a couple times, and it did show that it was disconnecting from the iker, but it wasn’t showing up in the devices menu. let me attach a pic:
Ok, I was going to attach a pic, but after rebooting the server, I managed to make it work somehow. I don’t know how to replicate this, but it works.
Seems like it’s working as intended. Maybe I was impatient or something, I don’t know.

Honestly, it’s an odd mix of weirdness, so it could be any number of things.
Good to hear that it “can” work

Yeah, a bit finicky, but possible. I’ll just need to figure out what exactly I need to do, but if I managed it once I can do it again.

alright, back again, finding the possible issue. Judging by the frequent disconnects, as well as the device’s tendency to fully connect after Intiface is closed, I think the system is trying to connect twice at the same time. Pic may show Intiface attempting the double connection, but I don’t have the experience to know for certain.