Svakom Vick Neo device can’t be found

I’m a Japanese game creator.
This device is already on the IoST Index list, but it doesn’t work. It is very disappointing.
Device Info : IoST Index: Svakom - Vick Neo
Debug Logs

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Looks like you’ve got a version of the Vick Neo that advertises itself as Vick Neo rather than the versions we’ve seen before that advertise as Vick NEO.

This isn’t a hard fix, but if you could ping me on the Discord server, I’d like to test a the fix before formally proposing it.

Thank you for your reply.
I sent a friend request from the Discord server.
If my communication method is different, please let me know, such as channels I should join.

Any news on this?
I’m not clear on the difference between the Vick Neo and the Vick NEO. As much as I seek I can only find one model.

All I can say is that the item was ordered from this URL on February 7, 2024.

There’s not going to be anything visible in product listings: it’s just a hardware revision.

Support in Intiface should have been fixed. If you’re still having issues, please let us know.

I have the same problem withy my Svakom Alexa Neo 2, would u like to help me aswell? I couldnt reach out to you on Discord because of a bad Discord Link on the Intiface Site

@Paddu try

I’ll probably need you to gather some info with nRF Connect. Also worth checking if Intiface on your phone works.