Troubleshooting install issues with the Game Haptics Router

Thanks to the Game Haptics Router (GHR) looking like malware, Windows has a variety of things it will do to installs in order to disable them. This thread will cover how to undo those things without also making your computer any less secure.

If you are having problems with the GHR not starting/crashing/etc, comment in this thread.

Why the GHR looks like malware

The GHR uses a system known as “process hooking” for injecting functionality into games to reroute rumble commands. This saves GHR users having to copy files around their system and hope that DLL injectors work.

That said, process hooking is also a popular mechanism for malware to do bad things to processes, so Windows has thrown the baby out with the bathwater and said that anything that hooks will probably get caused by security systems.

The GHR is a binary signed by Nonpolynomial, which at this point should be a trusted certificate, but even with that, Windows isn’t real thrilled about it. So this is a list of what can go wrong and how to fix it.

Whitelisting the GHR Process

(Insert info here about GHR process whitelisting)