Trying to Use Intiface with Over Wifi. How do I make Intiface use a Secure web socket (wss) instead of ws?

As discussed in the title, I am trying to get to connect to Intiface over my home LAN. I enabled “Listen on all network interfaces”, but the site will not connect because the site uses Https and therefore does will not connect to an “Unsecured” web socket. Any tips?

We unfortunately don’t really have a great solution for mixed content issues like this yet.

I use to pack a self-signed cert in with our system to handle wss, but explaining how to support that was a nightmare. It might be possible to set up something external to intiface to proxy, but I’m not sure I want to build that in directly again.

Often when this question comes up, it’s usually because FapTap is being used on mobile platforms, and Intiface “didn’t” have mobile support. This might not be relevant to the problem you’re trying to solve, but now that Intiface is available on both iOS and Android, you may be able to use FapTap with Intiface with just your phone.

A workaround for this is to use a SSH client on the same device as the browser to create a port forward to whatever you’re trying to connect to. The browser still connects to “ws://localhost:12345”, but everything gets sent to the correct device.