Using Lethal Vibrations (Lethal Company mod) w/ r2modman and Intiface Central Mobile

This is a quick guide for using the Lethal Vibrations mod for Lethal Company with Intiface Central on Android or iOS

  1. Install Intiface Central on your Phone

  2. In Settings, make sure Listen on all interfaces is turned on.

  3. Start Intiface Central (hit the big start button)

  4. Use devices panel to connect to toys. (See Intiface Central Quickstart if you need a guide)

  5. Note the Server Address in the top control panel

  6. On the computer you want to play Lethal Company on, open r2modman.

  7. Install the Lethal Vibrations mod if you haven’t yet (this will require turning on nsfw mods in search), then bring up the Lethal Company profile.

  8. Go to Config Editor, and select LethalVibrations.cfg, then select Edit Config

  9. In the Devices section, change the Server Uri to the Server address value shown on your phone. It should look something like ws://[ip address]:12345.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Click Start Modded. You should see Lethal Vibrations connected as a client on your phone.

If you run into any issues, reply to this post or ask on our discord