Using OSR2/SR6 with current Intiface Central Version (~2.3.0)

Currently it is not possible to set up Tempest OSR2 or SR6 in the Intiface Central GUI.

Its still possible to use if you change the buttplug-device-config.json.

  • To do that you need to find the used COM Port in the Device Manager. (In my case COM13)
  • Then open the device config file: “%appdata%\com.nonpolynomial\intiface_central\config\buttplug-device-config.json”
  • Search for “tcode-v03”. It should look like this:
"tcode-v03": {
      "serial": [
          "port": "default",
          "baud-rate": 115200,
          "data-bits": 8,
          "parity": "N",
          "stop-bits": 1
      "defaults": {
        "name": "TCode v0.3 (Single Linear Axis)",
        "messages": {
          "LinearCmd": [
              "StepRange": [
              "ActuatorType": "Position"
          "FleshlightLaunchFW12Cmd": {}
  • Find the line " “port”: “default”, " and swap default with the COM Port you looked up earlier.
    It should look like this: " “port”: “COM13”, ". COM needs to be in capital.

If you now open Intiface Central the device should show up after you clicked “start scanning”

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Is this still an applicable guide?

I took the steps mentioned above and no joy.

I see this in the Log of intiface.

It does see COM3 but…

Actually I got it.

Turns out there was one more thing I needed to change and that was matching up the baud-rate that was displayed in the JSON to the baud-rate in device manager. I had been going off of what was in the IDE.