When I try to launch the server it fails

I used to use Initface Desktop which worked fine, but now I’ve switched to Initface Central, the server just straight up doesn’t work now, I’ve searched here and the discord for the code it spat out and nothing came up

Check startup programs and check and delete finance-related security programs.

This is most likely a port collision (usually with ultraleap or wondershare). There’s some instructions explaining how to debug what’s running on port 12345 here: Intiface Desktop | Buttplug and Intiface FAQ

I’m link you’re probably right, but the video linked in that FAQ has been privated, I’ll see if I can figure it out myself, thanks friend
Edit: Just ended up changing the port cuz I’m lazy, I tried last time but whenever I tried it just didn’t change

So it is wondershare running on port 12345? I’d just kill the process: not all clients have configurable Buttplug addresses and might default to 12345 regardless.