Discord invite not working

I wanted to join the Discord to ask about a device not connecting, but the invite link I found seems to be outdated or otherwise not working. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a new invite link? If not, could someone send me a personal one? Thanks

Try Buttplug.io

Same error message. I assume that means the problem lies with me, but so far I’ve never had this issue. Unless you have some other idea or are willing to invite me directly, I guell I’ll ask discord support. Thanks anyway!

Same happens to me :frowning:

Ok we’re seeing this a lot now and I have no clue why. Some things to check, though I’m not sure if they’ll help:

  • If you’re on iOS, try joining from the web or from a desktop app. We may be age restricted on iOS but shouldn’t be.
  • Make sure your account is email verified.
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Thanks, I managed to join now. No idea how though, or why it didn’t work before. May have been that I have only had an active log in session in just browser or just desktop application.

I actually got it working by having an alternative Discord account under a different Chrome profile. Not sure why it didn’t work on my main though.

However, as I’ve now isolated this username on Discord from my main accounts (also for privacy reasons: trying to keep adult related stuff under this id), I now cannot pass the AltDentifier tests to verify my accounts :frowning:

@qdot : I did actually try signing up here via Twitter but got “Invalid OAuth2 redirect_url” and when trying to signup via Discord I got “An error occurred when starting authorization. Please try again.”

Can see your login attempt from this morning. Sent a friend request, message me on discord and we’ll see if we can’t get this sorted.