The Big List of Useful Discord Servers

For those that like to talk in real time: Discord Server Invite Link

Other Servers Of Interest

Deviant Designs - BDSM focused DIY/Tech Build

DeviceWeb - Estim/DIY device focused RPi Framework

DIY Toys Tech & Kink - Nogasm, other DIY projects, etc…

3D Printing After Dark - Just make sure to sand down that surface first, ok?

Joanne’s Estim Community - Estim discussion server, by Joanne’s Reviews!

Kinky Makers - Makers that are Kinky

Xtoys - Alternative toy control engine, with many apps, and remote play!

Maus-Tec - Makers of the Edge-o-matic and other devices

Kiiroo Official Discord

Lovense Official Discord

Lovense Developer Discord - Lovense’s official API support server

Bevy After Dark - Adult Games in Rust using the Bevy Game Engine

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